Manyana Rock Paintings Botswana, Visit the rock Paintings in Botswana

These rock paintings are positioned in an area of numerous rock overhangs at the bottom of the Kolobeng Hill some 35km to the west of Gaborone next to the village of Manayana. Artifacts dating back to the Late Stone and Iron Ages have been discovered Botswana safari as well as to the rock art, which is perhaps more modern. The paintings are slightly faint but there are frequented by children from the village who are ready to point them out to visitors.

The part has pictures of rhino, gemsbok, antelope and a group of 3 giraffes in addition to human and geometric shapes. The paintings are in shades of red, orange, brown and black but rather amazingly no white paint has been used as in other Iron Age sites.
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Due to the presence of the water source from the close by Kolobeng River it is probable that Manayana was a site of ritual for the San people (Bushmen) and this is the explanation for this fairly rich rock art site.