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The Tourist Attractions of Botswana

Gaborone  Tour  Guide and Vacations  in Botswana

Gaborone perhaps is the capital and greatest city of Botswana, but in terms of tourism there really isn’t a lot to do here. If you’re in the capital city for business purposes there are a few attractions if you have an afternoon or a day free, but otherwise, as a tourist you would probably choose to go somewhere else!

African safari Botswana is renowned for its wildlife, and even close to Gaborone you can experience this. The Gaborone Game Reserve for example, is a chance to spot zebras, wart hogs, wild boars, monkeys and many birds and the advantage is that if you have a car you’re free to move around the reserve un-guided.

Another alternative is Mokolodi, which has a broader range of wildlife like giraffes, elephants, hippos and more, and you can also pet a cheetah here!

Maun Guide and Botswana Travel

Still only taken as a village, Maun has developed into one of Botswana’s main tourist areas as it’s the gateway to the country’s chief national parks and attractions. But Maun itself also has a game reserve so if you’re here for a day before heading out on your safari, there is no need for you to take a flight to visit the Maun Game Reserve which is conveniently situated within walking distance of the town.

Okavango Delta Botswana safaris

The Okavango Delta is one of Botswana’s most fashionable attractions. This is principally a local waterway so you can travel around by boat. Numerous people prefer to stay in the area prior to going on in the Moremi Game Reserve. Whatever you do, the wildlife, bird life and plant life are said to be extravagant here.

Chobe National Park Botswana Holidays

Chobe National Park in North West Botswana has the best concentration of elephants out of any national park in Africa in addition to an abundance of other ‘big’ wildlife – buffalo, leopard, lion and antelope. The park is near to the border with Zambia and Zimbabwe and so is an excellent place from which to travel to Victoria Falls, about 60km away.