Uganda Safari To Kibale and Murchison

Day 1: Bird to Kibale from Murchison Falls Conservation Area

following breakfast, head south towards Toro Kingdom to Kibale National Park, birding on the way. Watch out for species like the Western banded Snake Eagle, Common Fiscal, Striped Kingfisher, Whinchat, Stonechat, Great blue Turaco, Cassin’s Grey Flycatcher, Lizard Buzzard, Masked Apalis, Lesser Striped Swallow, Green-headed Sunbird, Joyful Greenbul as well as the Chubb’s Cisticola, among many others. Dine and slumber at your place of accommodation

Day 2: Kibale National Park (Kanyanchu)

following breakfast, head out birding the area of Kanyanchu to see species like the Green-breasted Pitta among  others such as the Narrow-tailed Starling, Yellow-billed Barbet, Chestnut Wattle eye, African Emerald Cuckoo, Sabine’s Spinetail, Black-billed Turaco, Blue-shouldered Robin-chat as well as the  Narina Trogon. You will see some primates too like the Olive Baboon, Red Colobus, Black & white Colobus, L’Hoest’s Monkey Grey-cheeked Mangabey plus the Red-tailed Monkey. Dine and slumber at your place of accommodation

Day 3: Bird Bigodi and transfer to Queen Elizabeth NP

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Following breakfast, go to Bigodi swamp to see bird, return for lunch, after which you will drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park going along the bottom of the Mountain Rwenzori and crossing the equator with birding on the way. watch out for species such as the  Lizard Buzzard, Black-crowned Waxbill, Blue-spotted Wood Dove, Black Bishop, Great Blue Turaco, Fan-tailed Widowbird, Blue-breasted Kingfisher, Bronze Sunbird, Black & white Casqued Hornbill, Woodland Kingfisher, Black & white Shrike-Flycatcher, Green Crombec, Pygmy Kingfisher, Black-headed Gonolek, Hairy-breasted Barbet, Zitting Cisticola, Double-toothed Barbet, Winding Cisticola plus the little Greenbul.