Botswana Tourism Organisation, new name for Botswana Tourism Board

The official tourism body for Botswana has changed its name as a result of the Botswana Tourism Act which started operating on the 30th of April.
The naming was graced by the CEO Myra Sekgororoane together with various tourism stake holders and parties. As usual, the role of the body remains the same, It was appropriate to change the name due to the many changes this institution has undergone for the last safari years.

The tourism act has it that the establishment of the B.O.Ds forĀ  safaris Botswana, Tourism as a governing body of Botswana Tourism with powers and functions different from that of Botswana Tourism amongst which are to advice the minister to change, review or formulate tourism related policies and strategies where necessary.

She also briefed the media on the Destination Stewardship Award Botswana Tourism Organisation recently won in Beijing, China. She said Botswana had entered the Okavango Delta Ramsar (ODRS) in the awards in recognition of the deltas significance to its surroundings communities and the country at large.

Botswana is one of the top visited travel destinations in Africa. Its Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and Moremi area lead the top Botswana safaris places to see.


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