Botswana Crowned Winner for Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

Botswana Tourism Board was announced as the winner of the 2010 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.Safari in Botswana‘s success was recognized by their development in the tourism sector and have been able to market it worldwide. The partners that were part of this association included Travel Corporation’s Conservation Foundation, Travel port and other sponsors.

Emirates has also played a great role in the tourism sector. Of late, they were award for their successful project called Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It’s well protected with better hotel, and resort services that are suitable to all visitors. More still, it’s well known for being one of the world’s best conservation in the tourism sector. The extensive of the reserve involves the grow of flora and Fauna.

The Botswana Tourism Board was appreciated and awarded the Destination Stewardship Award for their great participation in the tourism sector particularly the Okavango delta, Its famous both internationally and locally and this is because the Ramsar Site, proper management and the standard ecotourism put in place. Okavango has been a blessing to the people of Botswana because of Employment. The inland wetland is well protected and conserved for the next generation.