Okavango Camp Botswana

Okavango Camp.
In the heart of Okavango Delta, we get to know a small camp called Okavango found deep in Nxaragha island experiencing water wilderness around almost every year.

Okavango Camp accommodates 24 Botswana safaris guests only with each tent raised on a teak plat forms with well-furnished and luxurious en-suite facilities and private sundeck.

For each tent, the blends are furnished with a designer linen Rhodesian teak wardrobe, luggage rack, dressing table and bedside pedestals. Also catered for are those who may demand ultimate in exclusivity.

For all evenings and Alfresco meals around the fire blazing, open air patro caters for all expenses. Among the African safari and holidays in Botswana travellers, the Candelabra are very well-known for serving silver service dinner.

Activities include; bird watching, exploring Okavango by river or canoe, guided walks on lagoons and deltas, fishing in the wilderness for some of the larger species.