Oddballs Camp Botswana

Oddballs camp is situated in the heart of Okavango delta on the Chief’s island and edge, only accessible by a light air craft. The camp provides 2m x 2m tents for accommodation, which are fully equipped with en-suite facilities raised on a wooded deck which are reeds shelter shaded with the nearby ablutions and showers.The bar and the lounge are raised on a viewing deck, over looking the Okavango Delta Botswana safaris, where one can perfectly view wildlife on the water edge sunset over the plains.

Among the activities offered include; walking to view game, conducted by professional guides and you will be taken to the nearby spectacular landscapes and islands using a dug-out canoe by the guides who are born and bred men of the swamp. You will also be bale to visit the nearby villages and interact with the elders around the communities.

The informality surrounding and the tallest adventurous forces will be regaled to you on the legendary “Skoll bar”. This will make Oddballs Camp far better than other Botswana tours camps.

For camping, all equipments can be provided and a professional guide, except your own sleeping bag of which one can hire it on a given price.
The guests have the opportunity to go to Mokoro trail during your stay in Odd balls.
For the middle nights, you will take your guide but for the first and last nights, you are recommended to spend the night at Oddballs.
The provision store at Oddballs “Mollys” will provide basic equipments needed for camping, such as food and all necessities needed for camping. The guide will find a comfortable campsite on the banks of the river and the guide will be able to build a fire for you where you will be able to experience the true African wilderness available on the continent.
In this wilderness, you will be able to prepare your own food provided by whilst on Mokoro trail. For the best of Okavango Delta experience, one has to try a combination of Mokoro trail Oddballs for those who do not fear wild.