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Delta Camp is one of the best, ancient and magnificence camp in the Okavango. This camp is maintained and managed in a wondering eco-friendly way. It holds a capacity of about 16 people in lavishness lethaka (reed) chalets. Safaris of mokoro rarely use the fiber glass mekoro that is usually liked by many lodges. They prefer the customary mekoro hewn from the trunk of a tree. As well as walking  Botswana safari tour. Botswana has the best safari lodge in the whole of southern Africa voted by the Okavango’s philosophy man’s safari camp.

Camp Moremi is located on the Xakanaxa Lagoon on the eastern side of the delta. It accommodates almost about 22 in East African style tents. It has well designed safari motor boats in addition to game drives.

Abu Camp-Elephant back safaris, this is quite different from the rest due to the fact that it has an exclusive safari lodge in the whole of Africa. What makes this camp luxurious is the traditional designed tents raised on teak platforms with proper bathrooms that have huge copper baths.Unfortunately,the well known Randal Moore no longer manages the camp more shocking, Abu also died in 2003

Camp Okavango is located on the inaccessible Nxaragha Island; it holds a capacity of about 22 people in walk through safari tents. It well known to be the best exciting honeymoon suites in Africa. Among these include the Jesse suite named after a preceding proprietor of the camp who insisted on guest dine crystal chandeliers served by white gloved servents.This may have changed but it’s still lavish and beautiful.

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Khwai River Lodge is well known to be a five star hotel masked as a safari Lodge. its accommodation  has beautiful exclusive tents with air conditioner,mini bar and phone. it has  a hotel environment than safari camp managed by the orient Express Group.

Camp Okuti –It has been renovated and suited on the Xakanaxa Lagoon. There are many activities that the camp offers such as game drives in the moremi game Reserve and many others. For self drive safari goers have to make sure that they know the value of money for this country so as to enjoy their stay and tour.

Oddballs –It has been a myth to many travellers in Africa and its believed to be the only campsite in Okavanga.It has all camping apparatus and more still has the offers the best Okavango experience. It gives a chance to go out on Mokoro Trail from oddballs furthermore camping in the wilderness with tour guide.

Oddballs’ Enclave. This campsite is new and comfortable along with an up market camp called oddballs Enclave. Its located in a few meters from oddballs camp with a beautiful scenic view of the floodplains of the Okavango Delta The Enclave accommodates about 6 walk-in meru style tents built on a raised wooded platforms and self contained. It offers the mokoro Excursions as well as walking safaris that have made oddballs known world wide. The most beautiful thing about this camp is that it’s comfortable and has half prices and yet it’s like other luxury Okavanga lodges.

Sankuyo Bush Camp is located in an extremely productive game area closely to the southern tip of the Moremi game reserve. A customary tented safari camp that accommodates 6 walk-in tents along with luxurious facilities. The camp below to the community and at the same time managed by the people of the delta camp and oddballs. Among the activities carried out in this place include game drives and many others.

Mapula Lodge is located in the inaccessible North Western regular floodplains of the Delta. It accommodates 8 walk-in tents comfortable and still attractive to chalets. The scenic view of the Lodge overlooks the lagoon. Activities include game drives, night drives, night drives as well as motor boat game viewing.

Baine’s Camp is located on a concealed indulgence bordering the Moremi game reserve, it’s known to be an enduring water camp providing to mokoro as well as motor launch game viewing. This Okavango delta hotels camp has many elephants and the place is known as Elephants foundation. Meaning that once you visit this camp, you have a chance to interact with the animals.

Chief’s Camp is located in the Mombo indulgence of the Moremi game reserve, “marauder capital of Africa” The camp has about 12 exclusive bush pavillions’ safari activities by 4×4 game viewing Vehicles along with mokoro excursions. It’s expensive although not like mombo camp. This camp offers luxury accommodation as well as fabulous game viewing.

Santawani Lodge. Of later, this lodge has been renovated and put under new management. It’s known to be a standard safari camp giving six easy twin-bedded brick chalets both with concealed and basic facilities. The budget camp looks comfortable but no so exclusive. Game drives are carried out in privacy which simply means that night drives are probably achievable. Available by self-drive from maun.

Xugana Island Lodge. It simply accommodates about 8 big raised lethaka (reed) chalets with a beautiful scenic view overlooking the lagoon. It has been renovated and part of the Desert & Delta group of lodges giving Lodges in the Okavango delta, other attractions include Chobe National Park and the savute regions.

Shinde Island is suited in the vicinity region of the large river systems of the north-west. They offer safaris by motor boat as well as mokoro.This area is usually occupied by the deceptive sitatunga antelope.

Stanley’s Camp. It accommodates 8 standard safari tents, hand-crafted beds along with oriental carpets that offer this camp a reflective out of Africa ambience. Safaris with 4×4 game viewing vehicle have activities such a s night drives as well as mokoro.The camp is also well known to be  a familiarized herd of elephants giving you a chance  to a have a close surveillance of these amazing mammals.

Eagle Island Camp is also acknowledged as a five star hotel located in the bush. They have  safaris by game drives along with mokoro.The camp is operated by the orient Express Group and it was voted as Botswana’s leading safari at the esteemed 2007 World Travel Awards.  Hotels in Okavango Delta, the most exciting thing about this camp is that it’s the  only one of its kind to give fully comprehensive helicopter excursions as part of its safari program from January 2008.

Xakanaxa Camp is located closely to the edge of Xakanaxa Lagoon and it accommodates about 26 people in exclusive tents set on a raised wooden platform with a beautiful view overlooking the lagoon. It offers safaris y motor boat along with game drives. The camp has a friendly ambiance

Kanana Camp has been renovated on the banks of the Xudum River. It accommodates about 8 big twin bedded safari tents set up on plinths more still with en-suite bathrooms. Activities carried out in this camp include game drives, mokoro, walking safaris, night drives along with power boat. This place is good for birders due to the fact that it has many migratory water birds that come to have their young from July onwards.

Gunn’s Camp. It consists of about 8 meru tents along with en-suite facilities and concealed viewing deck.safari activities include mokoro, motor boat as well as walking safaris.

Moremi Crossing has been refurnished and has 16 tented camps. It was officially opened in July 2009 and it’s located on the banks of the Boro River which is known to be a seasonal river and floodplain. Among the activities in the camp include mokoro excursions, motor boat excursions along with walking safaris. The accommodation is comfortable and its in a walk-in meru style tents built on wooden platforms with self contained facilities.

Nxabega Okavango Safari Camp is suited in a concealed 7000 hectare indulgence adjoing the moremi game reserve. It accommodates about 9 exclusive tented suites. Activities include game drives, mokoro excursions as well as power boat game viewing. It has standard safari tents built on a raised wooden platform with self contained facilities.

Sandibe Safari Lodge located on the banks of an enduring waterway in the Okavango Delta on a concealed 270sq km indulgence. It accommodates about 8 twin bedded exclusive safari cottages that are fully self contined.Activities include game drives, bush walks, mokoro along with power boat game viewing.

Kwara Camp is located in the concealed Kwando indulgence in the Northern region of the Okavango Delta. It has about 8 customary safari tents set up on a raised wooden decks with a beautiful scenic view overlooking the lagoon. Activities include game drives,mokoro as well as motor boat. This place is usually occupied by photographers who love seeing animals in their natural setting.

.Little Kwara Camp has been set up near to Kwara camp. It has a beautiful design with more friendly services. It’s small in that it only accommodates around 10 guests.

Pom Pom Camp. It accommodates about 12 bedded safari camp, its beauty is attributed to its design of olden camps. It has a wonderful scenic view that overlooks the lagoon and the camp is built under a grove of shady trees. For safari conservatives, this is the best camp

African Horseback Safaris. Its located on the western side of the Okavango Delta,macatoo camp accommodates about 10 persons in big twin-bedded tents that fully have self contained facilities. Only qualified riders are allowed after all one spends about 4-6 hours a day in the saddle. In a tricky situation, you may be kindly asked to dash out. Therefore starters are not allowed. Activities include game drives, bird walks, night drives as well as mokoro excursions.

Okavango Horse Safaris. This accommodates about 8 persons in a large safari tent with a veranda and fully self contained. The services provided include bedrolls with cotton sheets, duvet towels, long drop toilets, buckets along with elevator showers with hot water. Keep in mind that only qualified riders are allowed for a ride.