Delta Camp Okavango Delta Botswana

Delta Camp Okavango
This camp rests on a small island near the South Western edge of chief’s island, known for its informal and intimate safari camp in the heart of Okavango Delta as far as Kgalagadi Desert Oasis is situated.

The South African Gateway magazine named the Delta Camp one of the Best Safari Lodges in the in the whole of South African countries.

There are designed luxurious chalets with en-suite facilities to meet high standards of Botswana safaris accommodation.

The chalets are built around the trees without affecting the natural environment.

In this camp area, one is able to view over 400 species of birds and over 1,000 plant species, elephant, buffalo, crocodiles, which are attracted by the environment, for example lagoons crystal clear water flood plains and palm studded island.

For one to experience the true African vacation nature in the wilderness, guides provide protection for the guests to move around Moremi Game Reserve on foot, which provides excitement for the guests who visit some of the local communities and can interact with the people living in the homes or our guides to focus on peace and tranquillity.

This magnificent Botswana hotels area is ecologically sensitive, because of the sources Bio-degradable products which are used for treatment and for careful separation to ensure that nothing stays on the island, which is not fully bio-degradable.