Mokoro Safari Botswana, Canoe Safari Okavango

Mokoro safaris are a must do when you visit the Okavango delta. In fact they are only offered in the Delta…

What is a Mokoro?

For those who don’t know much about Mokoro or Botswana safari, it’s a canoe carved within a large a  tree and its main use is to carry tourist through Okavango Delta channels and waterways. Its  a means of transport commonly used by the local people of the Bavei tribe who occupy the Okavango area. Safari tour companies transport tourists by use of fiberglass canoes rather than mekoro.

The Poler.

On a  safari to Botswana, you will be guided by the tour operators and these are known as polers who are the local people well versed with using a  wooden pole of about 3 meters long to simply steer as well as navigate the wooden canoe through the Okavango Delta.

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What You’ll See.

Moroko has over 100 species of mammals and about 440 species of birds that occupy the delta area. You are well sured to see different kinds of wildlife during your safari.