African Horseback Safari Camp Botswana

African Horseback.
Horseback Safari Camp is situated in the heart of Okavango Delta in the Western side of the Delta. On a proudly palm fringed island stands Macatoo Camp surrounded by a number of grass plains and seasonal lagoons.
The camp’s attention is to protect its guests, for relaxation and enjoy yourself, because of its comfortable and intimate twin bedded tents, walk-in with private ensuite facilities and a pool.

The main Botswana safaris activities are; riding horses from a variety of thorough breeds, Hanoverians Arabs, Namibian and Kalahari Arabs horses ranging from 14-16 herds from different countries. Others include; stalking big games and watching bird life quietly walking.
A maximum of 12 guests are accommodated in the camp, with less than 6-8 guests rising groups.
Strictly age limit is 16 years and over, but for those over 60 years need to be strong and fit and the weight should be ranging from 60 Kgs to 95 Kgs, but if you are an advanced rider, you can enquire.

One is able to ride all paces, but when permitted to, take consideration of your safety and enjoyment.

After spending 4 to 6 hours, you will b requested to fill our questionnaire, but the beginners can just view and keep out of trouble. Botswana hotels

Among other vacation  activities as well include 4 x 4 for night drives, game drives, bira walking, seasonal boating, fishing, and canoeing.

When water levels rise up, we go out for fishing. There are also close up photography and close spotting kills and predators.