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A number of people tend to wonder what exactly they are going to eat each time they think about traveling. Fortunately Botswana safaris has been blessed with all kinds of foods and these can be accessed from the many restaurants around.

Recipes from Botswana

For those interested in the local cuisine, you will definitely have the best of Botswana recipes. When it concerns local foods, each country has its own favorite for example Ugandans love matooke and Gnuts, Kenyans like hugali and sukumawiki and the Botswana people in their different homes still consider and love their dishes of bogobe, nama along with morogo. Some of you may be asking yourselves what these foods are made of.

Food in Botswana

Surprisingly,bogobe , one of theĀ  favorite food in Botswana is either made from sorghum or maize which ever is in plenty is what they will use. Nama simply means meat and this can be of any kind for instance pig, sheep or cow. For Morogo, these are green vegetables and they are known as spinach. The most exciting aspect about these foods is that they have been served for several centuries in Botswana and even today as it was done by our ancestors who loved and respected their food. With all this information on Botswana foods, you ought to make an order of paleche, nama along with morogo dish once you are on your safari to Botswana. You will definitely enjoy your meal without regrets.

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