Savuti Travel Guide Botswana, Savuti Safari Tour

Regularly described as part not the most excellent wildlife-viewing area in Africa today. Savuti boasts part of the greatest concentrations of Botswana safaris wildlife left on the African continent. Animals are there during all seasons, and at particular times of the year their numbers can be overwhelming. If you permit yourself enough time here (a minimum of three to four days is recommended) you will perhaps see almost all the major species: giraffe, elephant, zebra, impala, tsessebe, roan, sable, wildebeest, kudu, buffalo, waterbuck, warthog, eland and accompanying predators including lion, hyena, jackal, bat-eared fox and possibly even cheetah and wild dog.

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Savuti is renowned for its predators, mostly its resident lions and spotted hyena numbers. At times you will have them uneasy close, as both they and marauding hyenas do walk through the campsite. Do NOT give food to them. Almost surely you will listen to the lion at night.

Savuti has an exceptional new campsite. Located 172 kilometers southwest of Sedudu gate. Savuti camping ground overlooks the Savuti River channel, which is at the moment dry. Geographically, Savuti is a region of several unknowns. One of the utmost mysteries is the Savuti Channel itself, which has over the past 100 years mysteriously dried up and recommenced its flow many times. The current dry period begun in 1982.
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