Botswana Museum and Art Gallery Gaborone

Gaborone houses the National Museum and Art Gallery, which shows a collection of traditional crafts and paintings by indigenous and regional artists. It is situated in the center of Gaborone at the connection of Independence and Queens Roads. Its a nice stopover for your Botswana safaris

Started in 1968 the Botswana National Museum aimed at making the Botswana and each one develop an interest in Botswana’s different cultural heritage. Situated at the heart of Gaborone City, it is a charming compound of museum and gallery, which conserves and recounts the traces and remembrance of the lives of Botswana.

Charged with the great task of developing Botswana’s cultural and natural heritage for enjoyment and sustainable utilization of the museum has 7, very unusual but linked up divisions, which come as one to form a cohesive whole answerable for collecting, researching, conserving, exhibiting and enlightening the public about Botswana.

As the guardian of crucial cultural and natural heritage the Botswana National Museum has to be useful in close by cultural and natural issues to the fore and through such hard work Botswana ratified the 1972 UNESCO Convention on the safety of the world’s cultural and natural heritage. This saw Botswana drawing up an uncertain list of probable World Heritage Sites and nominating Tsodilo for enlisting as a promising first World Heritage Site for Botswana.

Additional Botswana vacation  sites, which may in future be designated, include the exotic Gcwihaba Caverns, the magnificent prehistoric settlement of Toutswemogala situated on a flat topped hill, and Botswana tour  pleasure and joy, the Okavango Delta.

In a year the two galleries, Octagon and Main, congregates more than 18 exhibitions, part of them are Artists in Botswana, Children’s Art Competition and Thapong International are yearly events. A great number of these exhibitions are intended at exposing and encouraging local artists and they are a chance for these artists to market their work and boast off their talents. By working very strongly with other art groups countrywide and across the border the Botswana National Museum brings collectively many experienced and professional artists and each year local artists, experienced and inexperienced are given a an opportunity to work with and get knowledge from artists from outside and for that reason get a opportunity to make improvements and adjustments to their work.

There is an antique shop within the Museum, Bobi Arts, which is for significant a visit. There are hotels nearby this tourist destination thus making it easier for you to visit.

In the Museum grounds a marvelously decorated traditional hut has set up built and situated in the region of the grounds are a range of transport methods from the past. These like ox wagons, old vehicles and a sledge. Sledges were used to transport heavy goods and were put together firstly by the ox wagon, after by the donkey cart and now the added modern version of a sledge is the “bakkie” (a pick-up truck). Botswana flights