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In the furthermost corner of Chobe National Park is the over and done paradise of Linyanti. Secluded and uncrowned, this short strip of swampy river frontage is suggestive of the Okavango’s everlasting waterways with papyrus-lined lagoons, reed-beds and a towering canopy of trees.

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The Linyanti Swamp occupies an area of about 900km2, to which goes along with the river and fills the vicinity between the joining up courses of the Kwando and Linyanti rivers. The national park only touches the river for a small section on the far eastern edge of the swamp.

The wildlife is abundant, in particular in the dry winter months the time the great concentrations of elephant, buffalo and zebra gather along the river, with giraffe, impala and roan antelope being seen in the forests. The birdlife is varies, if not overpowering in its numbers. Waterbirds, including pelican, are common.

Linyanti has a little camping ground, 39 kilometres northwest of Savuti, with in tall riverine trees overlooking the persistent Linyanti River. This is usually a quieter camp as it is off the major tourist circuit, but for those looking for an inaccessible and peaceful environment, with fantastic dry season concentrations of elephant; Linyanti is the place to go. Getting there is rough and sandy and only steadfast 4×4 vehicles should try this journey. Dont worry about accommodation as there are good class hotels in Botswana to aid your accommodation. Botswana flights can as well be arranged.

The Sedudu gate close to Kasane also provides access to a public road that goose for 54 kilometres within the park to Ngoma gate. Ngoma is the way in used by guests from Namibia, with the border crossing close by. The southern way in to the park is at Mababe gate, on the way that links with the Moremi Game Reserve. Mababe gate is about 56 kilometers south of Savuti and several visitors go in from Kasane, camp at Ihaha and after at Savuti, move through Mababe and on through to Moremi – or the on the other way around. Leavening out this circuit and the attractive camp ground at Linyanti, an added route within the park, which courageous visitors take, is south from Sedudu for 68 kilometres to Noghatsaa and after across to Savuti, which is an extra 140 kilometres. Roads passed this area are not evidently signed at this moment, so visitors should cautiously plan their route prior to setting out and it is sensible to tell park staff of reason to tour the Noghatsaa area.

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Game viewing is excellent during the dry period, when the greatest part bulk of natural pans have lost there water, and it is prudent to keep away from the Chobe River front in the period of the heavy rains from January to March. It is also shrewd to note that no fuel provisions are accessible inside the park and guests traveling from Kasane and Maun must ensure that they are self-contained for the whole journey. All drinking water must be boiled or chemically treated. Mosquitoes are widespread all through the park and guests are heavily recommended to take an anti-malarial prophylactic earlier than, in the period of and for four weeks from touring the park, mostly during the rainy season.