Botswana Lifestyle

Lifestyle simply means the way of living and this has not changed for many countries in the world. Many homes consider a nuclear family and atypical Botswana Family has this character and only this, has made their lifestyles a little simple and easy to manage. ]

For a better lifestyle, this will necessitate one to have a modern home in town or probably in any city around safari in Botswana. The logic behind this is the fact that majority of the people work in towns and their kids go to the surrounding schools.

Besides cities and towns, one ought to have a home in the village and this is known as Ko Gao in Setswana.The fact behind village homes is that most of them were born and raised there by their parents and grandparents. Life in the village is so interesting in that there are so many activities to do and among these include growing crops such as maize, sweet reed, sorghum and rearing cattle and gaots.

The best period for such activities to take place is during the rainy season when usually the water is enough to support the crops. The only time people have to go to the villages is during Christmas holidays due to the fact that a period when they are free from work and have this time with their families. Botswana has a unique place called cattle post and in Setswana known as Moraka.

Its a place where sheep, goats and cattle are reared from. Cattle means a lot to this country, they believe that if you have them, it’s a sign of wealth as well as a source of livelihood for the Setswana.During celebrations and funerals, cattle is the only meat sold to people.

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Apart from rearing these animals at the post, there are other activities done and among these include vaccinating and cattle branding to avoid theft of these animals. The owners of such ranches usually visit this post on public days and on weekends because it’s the only time they have to do their own private work