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Botswana is one of the world’s largest open-pit diamonds mineral  and it occupies an area of about 52 kms big as the football fields. It’s in layers from top to bottom with terraced steps that makes it look as though a giant hand has taken a slice out of the earth. The country has invested a lot in vehicles that can do the work perfectly well. Among these include the huge tractors as well as bulldozers that tear the earth crust, the huge trucks play a vital role of hauling the rich earth out of the crater. Diamond has a long process in that the soil is taken to a facility where it’s usually crushed as well as washed. The crushing process continues until the diamonds are finally got.

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Diamond as a mineral has developed the economy of Botswana safari tours. This mineral was discovered in 1967 and this has been closely 40 years of constant growth in Africa.Fortunately,Botswana has the highest  per capita income on the continent with over $ 4,000.Botswana officials believe that the income has increased several times as when Botswana had gained its independence. Many people may be wondering how Botswana gets its high income, but the thing is that it gets its income from several sacks of diamonds mined from the Orapa mine in the country’s northeast to the Botswana Diamond  Valuing company with a sort facility in the capital Gaborone.The sorting facility has about 10 floors  and these are designed with tables laden with diamonds of every kind, shape as well as size that will be sorted furthermore graded and still certified prior to being shipped to the De Beers of Diamond center in London or England.

“England is well known to be Botswana’s diamond industry” said production manager Mike Moremong who is believed to have worked for the company since 1978.Botswana is proud to have a large population that understands that the diamond mined is that people and for few individuals who may be in the rich class. African nations with such minerals have a tendency of providing products to a few privileged individuals which is not the incase in Botswana because everything is shared equally among the poor and the rich. Employees get millions of dollars worth diamonds furthermore with tight security to protect them. There are cameras all over the place but people work as though they are sorting out coffee beans and not precious stones.

There is only one factor that has made Botswana develop and this is trust, said Moremong.He believes that if there was no trust, the country’s economy would have collapsed and would be termed as another failed African state. More still he is very proud that Botswana’s diamond cannot be classified as conflict or blood diamonds and confirmed that every single piece that comes out of the ground, is traced from the mines until it gets to De Beers in London.

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Among the minerals in Botswana, diamond has been the country’s best friend, said the country’s attorney general. The country appreciates the De Beers for being good to them and this has proved to be a win-win situation. History has it that Botswana has never experienced war or civil strife since its independence. This only makes it different from other African countries. Because of Botswana’s foresight, it has always had a stable government