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For the past years, Botswana has longed to get its own state-run culture, not until it was achieved that the country settled in peace. There are different types of cultures in Botswana and among these include the Setswana and many others. The standard as well as development of  safaris in Botswana has been credited for its nationalized culture along with the post colonial English culture. Of recent, the prominent state-run culture of Botswana represents a mixture of two legacy and these include Tswana along with the English cultural sector.Surprisingly, all people from different ethnic origins in Botswana are well versed and comfortable in both languages.

A few things that used to made Botswana culture beautiful in the ancient years included the following; the customary Tswana had exciting entertainment due to the fact that people used to their human voices to sing accompanied with string instruments. The drums were available although they produced minimum sound so as to listen to the sweet voices. Unfortunately during the colonial period, the traditional music and dance started to turn down because they believed that it was not developmental to the country. The Setswana people could not just sit and watch their culture collapsing rather they did all they would to revive their culture in schools and this has been acknowledged when official visitors are welcomed with a traditional dance.

Because of the colonialists, they imported African-American soul music that is currently played on radios and in the 1970s; there was a need to raise awareness of development in educative drama. And since then, music and art in Botswana was rejuvenated to a great extent. Botswana has been blessed with principle writers for example Barolong Seboni and Alexander McCall Smith who are believed to have a secrecy background of novels

Among the activities carried out in Botswana include Art and this involves the craftwork of basketry, mats and making pots. Although this activity is common in the northwestern part of the country. So many people come from different countries to witness the Exhibition in Botswana, and this takes place in the National Museum & Art Gallery in Gaborone.This operation calls for local explicit artists and this carnival happens every month of Aprill.the artists that usually attend this festival include Neo Matome,Philip Segola and Ann Gollifer.

The film industry of Botswana is just emerging although there is no principal trait film that has been developed in Botswana. For those interested in Documentaries, The US National Geographic Society has produced the best on Wilflife.When it comes to sports, Botswana is well known for its wonderful football and this is at time played in fields or stadiums. Besides that, there is softball, golf and Tennis that is usually played every Saturday.

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The most interesting aspect about Botswana is that people have different tribes and culture although it’s believed that these cultures are at a large extent analogus from tribe to tribe. Because of the fact that they belong to the same country, they also have a belief that it’s the Botswana culture that has molded their very individual tribal cultures


Even though every tribe has its own language, the mostly spoken language is Setswana.All these tribes acknowledge that Setswana is identical to their languages. Quite a number of people who stay in urban areas speak English. Therefore never get worried of having a safari to Botswana because you will be comfortable and loved by the people. Among the Botswana culture activities that ought not to miss include busman food gathering excursions, Local Village Visits, Guided bushman hunting tours, story telling and customary dancing. Botswana has so many tourist attractions that expose its prehistoric culture as something vital to visit and involve Kubu Island, Gcwihaba Caverns, Tsodilo Hills, Matsieng Footprints, Tswapong Hills and Domboshaba Ruins. The museums of Botswana are very educative and have a rich culture that has attracted so many tourists.