Botswana Adventure Safaris

Botswana is one of the African countries that ought to be visited and this can only be achieved when you book in time. Some thing important to note is that different seasons give rather different  Botswana safari packages opportunities. Its not advisable to visit Botswana during the winter season, this is because you may not get what you will really wanted to see thus not enjoying your trip.

Botswana climate

The climate of this country differ in such a way that winter months are usually from may to early September and summer normally begins around October till April. Depending on your choice, a winter safari may be of use to you thus if you enjoy game viewing opportunities, but this may also have some disadvantages and among these include;

During the winter season, the prices tend to be high for lodges, camping and safaris

This period of time has a large crowd of people; it happens to be the peak safari season in Botswana and attracts top tourists destinations than during the summer months. For solitary people, summer is the best time for you to enjoy and do your things at your own time.

Botswana tours and travel

Keep in mind that summer time is the best for photographic, birding as well as environmental safaris because all the rain brings back life in Botswana. During this time, the vegetation is purely green and the flowers also blossom as they catch the attention of several insects which furthermore attract birds. Summer rains more still  draw the attention of wondering birds.

Booking and making reservations

The most interesting thing about this country is that there is direct booking will all the hotels, safari lodges as well as camps. But there is an option for those who would love combined safaris and these can only be achieved with a travel agent. The reason behind this is to avoid many different bookings which may include hotels, lodges, car rentals, flights as well as safari tours. More still you may get a full itinerary prior to confirming any bookings. There is a chance to compare the prices if not make the booking by yourself.

Travel agents particularly in Africa or Botswana are more likely to be well informed about the best lodges, camps along with the top attractions in Botswana. These will possibly give you the best although it’s always better to do your own research to help you understand what Botswana has to give. And also compare with what the travel agent has to offer whether it’s the best of all times.