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This marsh area is about 100880 kms large. This area is as a result of a large inland lake which used to receive water but then was cut off due to the tectonic movements. Currently, the Savuti Marsh gets the water from the Savuti Channel which becomes dry when the rainfall is abundant and floods up at other times. Its known that still due to tectonic movements, the channel sometimes stops flowing during lond periods and the it flows again. Botswana hotels
You will find the area covered extensively with Savannah and rolling grasslands. One peculiar feature you find here is the number of dead trees found here, in hundreds!  The dynamic nature of this area provides for different vacation activities throught the year. Depending on your safari activity, the wet seaon is mainly filled with  about 450 bird species while in the dry season, the elephants, wildebeests,, warthogs, kudus, impalas,zebras and other animals will be within.  Find pack of lions, zebras, Cheetahs and hyenas. The annual migration of zebras and predators is one of the Must not miss sightseeing activities.
Depending on the season, the best months for the migration safaris in Botswana are November-December and February-March.

Savuti Botswana safaris
This is one of the best wildlife viewing places on the African Continent, because animals are seen throughout the season, but some times are seen staggering and if one is to stay in this area, a minimum of three to five days is recommended, because a number of predators can be seen, such as; lions, cheetah, hyena, bat eared fox and possibly wild dog. Savuti also has all major animal species like zebra, elephant, giraffe, roan, sable wildebeest, buffalo, warthog, tsessebe, impala and kudu.

Savuti is also very well known for its dangerous predators such as lions and hyenas. Sometimes, you might not find comfort close to them due to their residential and spotted population. Almost certainly, one might hear a lion at night.
Savute Safari Lodge accommodates about 24 guests, in 12 superbly designed modern facilities and furnished safari suites, which is located on the banks of the stolen river, lying 172 Kms South west of Sedudu gate, over looking the Savuti River Channel, which in the past 100 years dried and recommended its flow several times. Basically, Savuti is Geographically an area of many unknowns.